You already have the answers

You already have the ability

ASCEND Holistic Hiking Tours and Cabin Retreats and online yoga is all about you.

Designed with the beginner in mind. Whether you are new to backpacking, multi-day trekking, meditation, energy work, self-development and so on, our programs will help support you in your journey to self-empowerment and discovery. 

All of our programs, workshops, classes and private events are intended to support our guests with practices, knowledge and the confidence necessary to step into creating space for themselves when they go home and integrate all that they have learned.

  • Learn how to multi-day backpack

  • Relax and restore at a weekend retreat

  • Explore Kundalini Shakti energy  (yoga, theory and meditation)

  • Connect with nature or "forest bathe" 

Our commitment to our clients:

  1. To facilitate a safe space to connect with the outdoors.

  2. To deliver useable skills that strengthen confidence in approaching the outdoors.

  3. To support everyone exactly where they are at, whether that is on a mountainside or in the tho

What is ascension?

Maybe you've heard this word tossed around. For us, ascension means rising beyond previously held limitations we have believed about ourselves. 

Ascension is commitment to ourselves and to everyone around us to be our best selves, to be our most confident selves and to see ourselves succeed. 

You will surprise yourself with what you're capable of as soon as you choose to show up for something that challenges you! 

Energetic Ascension

There is also the concept of Kundalini Ascension. This is why the term "Kundalini Rising" or "Awakening Kundalini" may sound familiar.  

We offer a variety of yoga asanas, meditation practices, breath work and energetic theory that supports rising Kundalini energy. All components of ASCEND wellness programming are optional, as in, you have the option to discern which practices are right for you.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada