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A blog that makes no promises on the regularity of it's publications, but can guarantee inspired thought. 

A podcast that brings published academics to the table and strives to make their writing a little bit more accessible. I'm learning while the camera's are rolling, and the whole goal is to create conversation surrounding interesting, but sometimes unknown new information.

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Season 2 coming soon. Interview with Dr. Maxwell regarding his 13 years of clinical data pertaining to Kundalini awakenings.

Peer Reviewed Supplementary Readings

Season 1 with guest, Dr. Ronald Brown. Talking about "Public Health lessons learned from biases in coronavirus mortality overestimations" (Cambridge University Press publication). Exploring grounded theory methodology and discussing the implications of what Dr. Brown has identified throughout his publication. 

The idea is that you can read the material first (if you choose) and then read along and unpack the papers with Dr. Brown and I.

Episodes 1 & 2 reading material

Episodes 3 & beyond reading material

 The views and opinions expressed by the participants of this podcast are not intended to provide medical advice. Listeners should carefully weigh all sources of information when making informed decisions that impact their health.


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