Sat., Jan. 01 | Live Stream & Recordings

Rise Together

Online community space for transforming. For growing. Weekly Live sharing calls, weekly recorded kundalini yoga classes & reiki meditations. Plus, access to gorgeous coupon codes from our superfood community.
Rise Together

Time & Location

Jan. 01, 2022, 5:00 a.m. CST – Jan. 31, 2022, 12:00 p.m. CST
Live Stream & Recordings

About the event

A purchase of the ULT 30 Day Superfood program will give you access to this group (ask your superfood rep for your coupon code to RSVP if you do not have it already). 

Within this circle you will have:

Weekly group calls on Wednesdays that include a meditation + self-reflection process

Weekly recipe ideas + grocery lists for support

Weekly recorded kundalini kriya yoga classes

Recorded reiki session

Coupons and promos to shops owned and operated by our superfood community

Transformation is no joke. We are shifting ourselves and our worlds from the inside out when we choose to create a habit of health. This space is for honesty, community and celebrating our own processes and the processes of others around us! 

The superfood social movement isn't just about food. It's a vision bigger than any single one of us. Imagine a world where we all chose and selected our nourishment based on what is good for the earth and what is sustainable. We would become sustainability embodied. 

This is not far out. Look at what humans are capable of. Here I am writing this idea, and there 

The foods we are flooding our system with are regeneratively grown, meaning that the soil it comes from is truly alive. Making any and all foods grown from them full of life as well. The earth does not need to be depleted by our relationship to it, and every one of us who picks up that mission from a sincere space is making a different. 

Creating health within creating health without. 

Micro to macro. We all get to be the change we wish to see in the world. Our relationship to being that change will be as unique as you and I are, but what's for sure is that we share a portion of the same frequency. Let's find out what lights one another up and connect for a better future. 


  • 1 hour

    Sharing Circle 1

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  • 1 hour

    Sharing Circle 2

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