Inner Child Work & Personal Freedom

I am of the belief that the entire world should sit in for at least one session that explores inner-child work.

I don't even care if its one of my sessions. Getting familiar with the traumas from our childhoods is the first step towards internal freedom and external liberation.

What is Inner Child Work?:

  • For those who are comfortable with "meditation" -- it is essentially guided processes that help you dive deeper into your own memories, emotions and physical realities.

  • For those are not so comfortable with that kind of language -- inner child work is understanding why "we" (humans) behave the way we do. It is choosing to do the work to understand why you do things like yell at drivers who cut you off, or maybe it will give insight to why you assume your partner is sleeping with someone else if you have not had the opportunity to cuddle in a few days.

  • Inner child work is the work that helps you access the answers you already hold inside of yourself about yourself.

  • It is choosing to step up as an adult to the wounds of the past and then lovingly clean them, bandage them and give them the conditions they need to finally heal.

My brother and I. We spent every weekend of our childhood in the bush living out of a backpack. Even in the Canadian winters!

I believe the world at large would be better off if we all participated in these types of programs because, amongst many reasons, I can personally attest to the monumental life shifts that occur when one chooses to face the scary shadow of their past.

What can inner child work help heal?:

  1. Mother/Father Wounds: Maybe you just laughed at that. I know some people defend their parental wounds by making light of it, as if we all should just "get over it" and deal with the fact that "it could be worse" or "they did the best they could". The gorgeous thing here is that I couldn't agree more with those sentiments. Inner child work is about truly stepping into a space of release, of forgiveness and of personal empowerment to ensure that ourselves and those around us need not experience our traumas ever again.

  2. Emotional/Physical/Sexual & Spiritual Traumas: Those who have lived it, who have survived it, know that sometimes in order to carry on one must simply burry it. The years go by and slowly your burial mound either erodes or grows larger, dependant on which way the wind has blown. There is nothing within inner child workshops that will ever ask you to go to a space that you are not ready or willing to. But when you are ready -- should your burial mound become to much to bare or should it suddenly no longer be able to contain what you once hid below it -- there are spaces to unpack the pain, meet it and release it.

  3. Relationship Cycles & Toxic Behaviours: Maybe its you, maybe its them. Probably though -- it's both of you. Definitely though, its you who is attracting and pursuing the same situations and cycles into your life over and over again. Maybe it doesn't feel good to consider that you are the one responsible for all of the bullshit in your life, but trust me, if you are the common denominator in every social interaction you've ever had....and most people around you are mean...guess what, you might have some stuff to address inside. Inner child work lets us step out of the victim narrative that says "this is happening to me and there is nothing I can do about it" and into the self-actualized individual that says "I can learn from the things happening and that have happened in my life. I am able to choose what I want based on what I have learned and I am capable of creating the reality I want to live within". Inner child work lets us take ownership and accountability for our lives.

  4. Inner Peace, Confidence & Joy: Ooh...wouldn't that be nice? It is the parts of ourselves that we hide from, the parts that we stuff down into dark cracks and corners of our memory. Into the deep abyss of our heart. It is those parts of ourselves that we are frightened to have revealed (subconsciously it is the shadow that we are scared to have exposed). It is from these cracks, corners and deep dark abyss' that our little secrets call out from, haunting us, reminding us that we are not at peace with every piece of ourselves. Imagine climbing down the walls of the abyss and finding that little injured child, the memory of yourself who ran to hide when they were left alone or forgotten about all those years ago. When you choose to go meet these parts of yourself, to hold their hand and bring them with you out of the darkness so as to have a better look at one another -- the things inside of you suddenly don't have to hide. You don't have to be afraid that someone will mention it, or that you'll be "found-out". Because you'll have done the work and you will have chosen to see yourself, to be there for yourself. After you have that, there isn't a thing in the world that can take you away from yourself.

We do not often share the little moments that broke our hearts and built our scars. But it is worth it to know them for yourself. It is all for your, anyway.

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