Being Free: What is Kundalini Yoga?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Who amongst us does not know the sting of a misinformed misjudgement?

Both against us,

and of our own personal brand of venom against another.


Culture and subculture are interesting things.

There are little indicating cues that we use to signal to one another that we are cut of the same cloth.

We fly the same flag.

Maybe its the music we choose, the fashion choices we are comfortable making -- that kind of thing.

Little signifiers of who we see ourselves as and in which ways we carry ourselves internally.

Because that's just it, isn't it? We cannot actually ever sit down with another person and fully know who they are. How they see the world. What they are physically perceiving themselves to be feeling.

It's for the better this way though.

Or else our understanding of ourselves would probably melt into a molecular blob that ate up existence as we know it. Right from the beginning of time until the very end.

It is not easy to communicate always. It is not easy to hold ourselves accountable sometimes when interacting with each other. And that is okay. It is not always easy to take ownership for our own bullshit.


I want to talk about kundalini energy. I already did once.

And I will probably make efforts to answer this question again and again.

What is kundalini shakti energy?

This time though I want to write from a space of what I feel.

I want to give myself permission to express.

Because that is the thing. We are all the same expression in the end. The individuals we want to watch, the things that we notice and admire in others -- these are qualities that are either consciously and presently within us, or lying dormant just beneath the surface.

Ready to be awakened.

There is work that goes towards awakening our own understanding of ourselves. There is rock bottom usually and there are a lot of tears.

It is an awakening.

It rolls like thunder deep and low. But it doesn't come from anywhere in particular. All of life is the