Being Free: What is Kundalini Yoga?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Who amongst us does not know the sting of a misinformed misjudgement?

Both against us,

and of our own personal brand of venom against another.


Culture and subculture are interesting things.

There are little indicating cues that we use to signal to one another that we are cut of the same cloth.

We fly the same flag.

Maybe its the music we choose, the fashion choices we are comfortable making -- that kind of thing.

Little signifiers of who we see ourselves as and in which ways we carry ourselves internally.

Because that's just it, isn't it? We cannot actually ever sit down with another person and fully know who they are. How they see the world. What they are physically perceiving themselves to be feeling.

It's for the better this way though.

Or else our understanding of ourselves would probably melt into a molecular blob that ate up existence as we know it. Right from the beginning of time until the very end.

It is not easy to communicate always. It is not easy to hold ourselves accountable sometimes when interacting with each other. And that is okay. It is not always easy to take ownership for our own bullshit.


I want to talk about kundalini energy. I already did once.

And I will probably make efforts to answer this question again and again.

What is kundalini shakti energy?

This time though I want to write from a space of what I feel.

I want to give myself permission to express.

Because that is the thing. We are all the same expression in the end. The individuals we want to watch, the things that we notice and admire in others -- these are qualities that are either consciously and presently within us, or lying dormant just beneath the surface.

Ready to be awakened.

There is work that goes towards awakening our own understanding of ourselves. There is rock bottom usually and there are a lot of tears.

It is an awakening.

It rolls like thunder deep and low. But it doesn't come from anywhere in particular. All of life is the static of the balloon that cracks down from the sky and splits open the tree in a forest on no particular mountain.

How can it be put into words?


There is a concept, a story, of an energetic centre.


The place of "convergence of the yogic practices of meditation, mantra, contemplation and prayer."

I believe that Kundalini is much more gentle than it is sometimes made out to be. It is not such a frightening energy -- after all, you can't think about kundalini shakti without already being a part of it. It is not an "it", but the words are not available.

Kundalini yoga is not about sex. I will one day write about this misconception.

It might be easier for me to put it this way -- or to answer this question.

What is different about Kundalini Yoga from "regular" yoga?





Here's the interesting thing though, not one of those things makes it "different" from yoga as you may know it. And I feel that this is the point.

So often, Kundalini Yoga is thought of from a space that considers it "big", "intense" or even "scary". When I first began my commitment to becoming a Kundalini Instructor I had a friend say comment saying, "ooh, girl. That's warrior energy to step into."

In some ways this is all correct. But I'm here to tell you that Kundalini Energy does not need to feared. Decide how you want your experience to be. Decide how to you want to awaken Kundalini. Decide that you are ready and that you are supported in your journey because you and the universe (the way life goes) are non-divisible.

The way to prepare for a Kundalini Awakening is to ask yourself -- for what reason do I wish to awaken kundalini? Once you know this, you will begin to be able to decide in which ways you wish to do this.

So then you might be asking yourself:

Why should I have a teacher when I am awakening Kundalini?

A few reasons,

  1. Are there breathing techniques in "Kundalini" practice that are quite advanced? Yes. And those are the kriyas. There is safety to take into consideration in understanding the anatomy and appropriate retention techniques of kriya breath work. This is just a physical reality of being a beginner. Sometimes its dope to have a teacher -- a friend, a peer, a supporter -- whatever. Sometimes it is dope to have a person on your spiritual and energetic sidelines who can also say "Hey, that's going to hurt you" in the physical world.

  2. A teacher, when you connect with one, is simply someone who is there for you. It doesn't mean that you aren't teaching them too. Because hi, absolutely you are. A teacher and a student are forever exchanging that energy of learning. It is not always the same individual who stands in the space of receiving wisdom.

  3. Kundalini Energy is something to learn navigate when first awakening. Or at least as I see it -- and I cannot help but feel supported in this belief through the reading that I have done. To be the student of Kundalini does not mean that you need to be pursuing the electric-lightning-bolt-clapping-thunder-immediate-enlightenment kind of awakening. However, should it go this way (or you choose this), you will want to be able to speak with someone who can speak with you about the process of awakening. It is said that "[through] the awakening of kundalini, a metamorphosis takes place. . . your mind changes and your priorities and attachments also change." It is nice to be able to speak with someone -- it is nice to be able to step gently when waking that kind of energy.

Kundalini yoga is the same as "yoga". Bottom line.

It is the intention we hold. It is the vibrations we welcome. But yoga, is yoga, is yoga. Ultimately -- we here for union. Union of breath and body. Union of body and mind. Union of self with the rest of consciousness.

And so on and so forth.

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"Love and light", "rock-on", "frig off" -- whatever resonates. Either way, all the goodness you need. Sincerely.

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