From the Cabin: Harvest Moon

I'm writing about:

  1. Inspiration from the forest

  2. How new and full moon magik really functions as awareness


As we pulled off of the old logging road that winds along Cold Lake, Saskatchewan I noted out loud to Lee how easily the trail into his grandpa’s trapping cabin could be completely missed.

“If you don’t know then you’d never know” he smiled back at me.

It was about midnight under the Aries full moon. The Harvest Moon of 2020. I had only ever been to this little log cabin a couple of times prior to this trip. This trip we are spending a week in the northern boreal forest. Lee is headed hunting throughout the days, while myself and my cat, Nym (who I insisted on bringing along) are to stay back at the cabin.

The road in is narrow and it is not actually a road. It is a trail that has been cleared of stumps throughout the years. The ground is a wobble of up and down, tree root, old mud hole, tree root and so on.

Nym my cat (A post about Nymmy in the cabin and forest is coming later)

The night was bright because of the Harvest Moon (. I smiled up at the Aries light with Mars floating alongside the bright orb. I smiled because I was grateful that this would be the full moon ceremony. I smiled because who knew — certainly not Lee (who planned the trip) — that we would be entering into this deep woods exactly six months after the global lockdown (I’ll explain the significance of this in the section below).

The headlights and the moon lit up the narrow trail. Branches scraped along the windows and the body of the truck. Every 50m or so, there were new trees that had fallen across the trail or down alongside the trail.

Arnie's Hideaway, the cabin that Lee's grandpa built

My mind, not my heart this time, went back to the Amazon.

As I sit here now this morning, candle lit, fireplace burning and the buzz of the forest life in the air and my laptop in front of me — I can appreciate the connection so clearly between Turtle Island, North America’s boreal forest and South America’s Amazon jungle. Given the chance, they would each transform into one another. All the need are new placements of the polar caps — eventually evolution would take them in the ecological direction of something else. I really believe this.

Seeds travel.

Anyway, the thing is is this. We call the Amazon the lungs of the earth — we marvel at jungles and the intricacy of life. We know that the rainforest is incredibly dynamic in it’s ability for organisms to exist symbiotically.

And the jungle shows you it’s power because the trees and what’s green pushes through the soil at such an accelerated rate.

When you reach the height of the Andean Mountains, you all of a sudden are faced with the reality of the jungle.

The mountain range plummets straight down. Four or five kilometres to the bottom of the jungle floor from the top of the mountains. You are faced with an ocean of land breathing in an out with the rise and fall of the sun.

You are faced with roads that wash away and whole mountainsides that let go of their structure. The carved roads erode and the trees pile down in a giant landslide.

The Amazon earth rolls over itself, the trees, and all of the organics that were once jungle. Once it settles, new mounds are made, new soil is available. The plants do what they will and begin taking back the land. Begin becoming jungle once more.

I genuinely believe that there is no way of saying how long man and nature have danced back and forth with one another on those mountain slopes. Reclamation after renovation after reclamation.

“…If you don’t know, then you’d never know…” Lee had said to me as we pulled down into this little slice of his family and Canada’s history.

The freeze and thaw of the north gives the illusion that the boreal blanket of flora stands much more alone and independent than it’s tropical cousin to the south.

I promise you, though...when you take the time to learn the names of those that grow here, when you come to understand their seasons, when you begin to recognize that this mushroom grows with this tree, or this flower is ready to be plucked when the temperature and sun are just so…when you slow down and face the deafening silence of the wild — you will recognize that nothing stands independent of one another.

Just like the root systems that are forced underground due to the extreme cold, everything in life, be it forest ecology or little words whispered under our breath, is connected. It is all inexplicably woven together. Entirely dependent upon one another to thrive in order for an individual to thrive.

There is a lot of writing I would like to do while I’m out here. I don’t really know for what reason, or to what ends this personal blog stuff is. But I know that I love to reflect — and likewise, I know that I miss writing the way I used to back when life was more like a rollercoaster and I wasn’t so convinced that I was made to make it past 30.

I want to write like no one is going to read my words.

I want to let poetry move me and the point to be the process.

The Aries new moon was March 24, 2020.

New moon’s we plant seeds. Be it in our head and hearts, out loud to the stars, or quite literally into the dirt where our gardens will grow.

So, as a practice, we plant the seeds of intention within ourselves on a new moon.

Moon magik is not for the faint of heart, though. Although the physical moon may wax and wain within thirty odd days, for an intentional or energetic cycle of the moon to see itself through from dark to full, you must wait about six months.

Honestly though, it doesn’t even matter if you’re paying attention to the stars and the cycles of la luna…”ma te wa” as it is said in Maori, “in due time”. Everything in due time. Everything in it’s time.

How to set intention with a new moon

  1. Option 1: Step into practicing personal power by placing an intention for yourself, take control of the narrative that you want to witness within yourself. Careful with this option because this is where people get greedy with their intentions and what they wish to attract.

  2. Option 2: Live your life so authentically and with conviction to your truth that you exist within the flow of the energetic growth cycle that the moon encourages.

  3. Option 3 (I know I said that there are two essential options, but whatever, I was wrong — it’s not all so serious): Accept that you are not in control of the way life goes anyhow and surrender into life while also owning your own personal power and let the intentions be for the inner-world.

If you do decide to begin offering prayers to something beyond you…if you do feel pulled towards directing your own energy and consciousness towards an intentional goal — I advise that you remember a foundational piece of knowledge that exists within every major esoteric, kundalini-like practice around the globe.

Energy, when directed for selfish reasons, loses it’s potency and/or will take on the potential to drive a scenario or a mind into madness.

Ask yourself first, “Do I possess the seriousness, selflessness and passion for wholeness (for all) to get out of the way and allow “right action” to flow?”

If you cannot answer yes to this I would recommend conditioning the heart, head and body first with a yoga such as Vinyasa. Condition the physical self to meet the Supreme Self.

Some of the most realized and aware individuals amongst us will never attain fame and glory. To become aware of wholeness, to exist in divinity and be conscious of it, does not mean that others must recognize you for it.

We have to ask ourselves if we possess the seriousness, selflessness and conviction so that we can know the answer. After all, like everything else, you won't know unless you know.


Next blog post will be in a few days, I want to write a bit about what was occurring for me in the darkness of the Aries new moon, what was happening for the world, and demonstrate the significance (at least for this self) what transpired within a moon gestation period.

Everyone is able to find this magik.

If this appeals to you, I would recommend a journal. Start keeping a record of what you are feeling, thinking and living under the new and full moons. Track them, track the themes and the developments.


All the love,


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