Kundalini & the 7 Bodies of Human Auras (Saptasarir): Physical Body

The physical body is easy to identify, and so are all of the things that interact with it (things like wind, the kitchen table, injuries etc.).

But what about the part of you that feels someone watching you, what about the moments when you were "just thinking about calling" that certain person and, like magic, their name shows up on your screen as an incoming call...what about these kind of connections? What about these kind of interactions? Synchronicity is a word that gets used often, but what does that mean?

What is a synchronicity? Do those things occur in the physical body? Or....what?

It is such a blessing to be able to study and share ancient knowledge, because, as my teacher and dear friend Mandeep Bhatt put it one time, "the knowledge of fire is necessary to illuminate the dark room that is self". In yoga, it is understood that it is knowledge which brings about liberation.

This is why yoga is a science. This is why there is an extensive and rich continuation of knowledge that has existed throughout the ages. Yoga is the science of union between cosmic consciousness and the "self". A practice that supports the mind in moving towards the spiritual body.

So today we are talking about the Physical Body, also know as Bhautika, and the Etheric Body, also known as Bhāva. These are terms that at this time isn't readily available to learn about online, but you can read more about Bhautika from a master in the publication "the Philosophy of Gorakhnath".

I will create a special subheading and file each of the articles that speaks about the seven energetic bodies that make up an aura, also known as Saptasarir.

The Seven Bodies of the Aura


The physical body

Feels: Physically

Just as there are seven chakras, so too, there are seven bodies that "self" is surrounded by. The first body being Bhautika, we can remember this because like Mulhadara (our first chakra) this body is earth bound. Mulhadara being the energetic centre of the physical plane, Bhautika being the body of the physical plane.

Bhautika is in a constant state of birth and death. Such as in the case of osteoblasts and osteoclasts (see below video if you're keen on understanding bone cell birth and death cycles).

The physical body is made up of trillions of cells that all work together to exist as the physical expression of "you" or "me".

In every moment there are dying cells, in every moment there are living cells. This is why a clean diet is so necessary to maintaining a healthy physical body. The food cells that go into your mouth are processed and become the body cells that make up your physical body. Our body is living and therefore it is best to put what is living, not decaying, into your system. You can click here to read more about the yogic diet.

For the kundalini aspirant, a pure and humble diet is basically necessary to begin the consciousness journey beyond the physical body. This is not for me to say that there are not exceptions (I mean, I don't know what kind of spiritual work you did your past life). Fortunately, we also live in the age of kriya yoga which was developed by the rishis of the tantric tradition because modern practitioners have a hard time with all of the strict yogic do's and don't's.

All of the asanas and "physical" practices of yoga are going to be your greatest ally in this body, whether that is Ashatanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Kriya and so on.

Okay, thats all for now on Bhautika. Watch for the next one -- Bhāva. The Etheric Body!

As always, all likes and shares are greatly appreciated on whichever format your prefer.

Have a rad day, guys. Sending so much love. Lets choose the present today! :)

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