Rocky Mountain Yoga Retreat facilitator: Sabrina

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Sometimes I find myself doing this thing where I feel like Lee and I have to hang out together in our down time at all chances.

It only causes me frustration.

Suddenly, "he doesn't "feel" enough", "he doesn't talk enough", mind beings to whisper to me. Or my mouth blurts out at him. Either way, I am usually the cause for my own banana-woman-brain, emotional spikes.

Anyways, that's not why I started writing.

Tonight, I want to write about:

1. Kundalini Rising: Cabin Retreat facilitator: Sabrina (@hello.spirit)

2. Living in the Tent & a Highway Collapse: the 2018 Boundary Region Floods

3. Meditation Practice for the Second Chakra: Svadisthana

4. Three song recommendations from the Montreal based band "Milk & Bone" as well as "Kroy"

Edit: These three points kind of weave in and out and back together again.

Here we go.

This song came on a few weeks back while I was trying to write. Sabrina always plays deadly songs. So tonight, when it came on the radio for the first time since I heard it a few weeks back, I was reminded of the writing inspiration that had come to me earlier today considering how to introduce Sabrina.

Such a distinct start to this song.

It's so funny, isn't it? I know the feeling that inspired it all, I know this song reminded me of the inspiration, and yet -- I won't know until the end of the proof-read whether or not I was able to really write down what I was feeling.


It was November of 2019. In the last little breath of the collective ocean draw backing before a the wave of 2020 -- the final little exchange of how "life was". None of us knew that then. We never really realize that every moment is the last little drawback of the wave that is the present.


My girlfriend Ashley and I went to go see the Patrick Alexander Band performing at Olds Town Square. The space is tiny, I now teach yoga there, which is a fricken blessings.

I didn't even mean to put a plug in for OTS. But there it is.

Reflecting on it now, of course I can tell you that there was something to the sound of Sabrina saying "Hello, Colby" that night...I can tell you that it hit different, and maybe you'd be like "yeah that makes sense", but also, I could just be a writer. It might just be me reflecting on the moment.