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In the year 2020, the term Spiritual Awakening is not something that you can avoid.

And if you've been spending any time with yourself, there's a good chance that a personal awakening is something that you yourself are not able to avoid.

So what does it mean? What is a spiritual awakening going to be like? How will you know that you're experiencing an "awakening"?

Each of us are different. What it means to you won't necessarily be what it means to another. Spiritual awakening may signify a point in your life where you prioritize morning meditation, for others it may be an inescapable awareness of other people.

Some of us become sensitive to the moods and emotions of others, some of us find clarity. Some of us begin to remember ancient times, not as clear memories, but more as a deep knowing. Some of us turn to the pursuit of truths, noticing the commonalities in the information received from life. If you're like me, a spiritual awakening could set you off on a trail of books that reference one another, acknowledge the works of, corroborate information and so on.

Spirituality is the human acceptance or surrender to the unknown. The same unknown that Science strives to quantify, give language to and "understand". I do not believe that science and spirituality have ever been in conflict. In truth, the two compliment one another quite gracefully.

Since navigating my own spiritual awakening, since arriving at a space and confidence with the things that I believe, I have delved into many books, lectures and so on -- taking in more and more information. Finding leaders in thoughts that I have shared and held true to for years.

Here is a list of books that I have found remarkably empowering, insightful and inspiring throughout my time. Follow the tittle links or the provided images to be redirected to an Amazon platform for purchasing.

Spiritual Awakening Book Recommendations:

1. The Wheels of Life - Anodea Judith, Ph.D

A perfect read for anyone who is looking to expand their practice, connect with their physical, emotional and energetic selves.

A holistic look at the subtle system of energy, emotions, hormones and the self. Judith blends intuitive knowing with lifelong learning into a readable account of both ancient and cutting edge information.

Wheels of Life is written in chapters that begin in Muladhara (the root chakra) through to Sahasrara (the seventh chakra, or crown chakra). Each chapter takes a look at the healthy functioning of the system, Judith speaks to the emotional presentations of the centres and resources to help support each one, be it yoga postures, herbs, dietary considerations and so on.

I personally enjoyed her explanation of the Vedic concept of "bindu", or the creative potency of anything where energy is focused. Where consciousness originates. While unpacking this daunting concept, Judith references the works of different quantum theorists. The entire book is a compilation of researched references and poetic descriptions to help its readers conceptualize the Eastern theories it contains.

2. The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton, Ph. D

I would recommend the Biology of Belief to anyone wrestling with belief, "science-mind" and letting-go of the need to know what they're doing when it comes to meditation and spirit.

Dr. Bruce Lipton's work has been changing the way science and humans view ourselves and the environment for over a decade now. In a very readable and real way, Bruce Lipton explains his breakthrough discoveries that challenge the idea of "Survival of the fittest", opting for science that supports a all-for-one narrative. Lipton's work has been peer-reviewed and will satisfy even the most science-brained of you out there. Our thoughts affect our cells. Our mind and matter are linked. And there is scientific evidence to support it!

3. Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer

For the nature lover who is ready to learn the lessons whispered by the forest.

Robin Kimmerer writes from a space of indigenous wisdom and a deep knowing of the land since she was a girl. She writes from a space that is backed by her scientific knowledge earned in University as a forest ecologist and college professor. She writes from a space of poetry as that is the true language of her being.

Braiding Sweetgrass is written as if Robin is sitting right beside you, sharing her personal stories. Ordinary experiences in love, life, family, work, death and learning -- she shares the lessons she learned and the marvellous ways in which the plants around her demonstrate the same lessons learned through human experience in the ways that they function in their natural forest settings.

A seriously gorgeous book.

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