The Practice & the Patience

I would rather publish quality over quantity.

And creative focus is required elsewhere at the moment.

This is the gift of chaos.

The gift of the unknown.

There is no promise of any outcome.

So instead we move in the flow.


Watch for Thursday instead -- my writing and creativity this week is committed to sharing asana and prānayāma practice, creating words for the works of others and collaborating with inspiring women.

Haha -- that is the intention at least.

Might also make questionable decisions about a whole tray of brownies.

Time will tell.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your feedback, shares and support.

Have you ever heard the one that goes: "A tree cannot bear fruit year-round"

I have never judged an apple tree for dropping its leaves. I will not judge me for being exactly who I am.


p.s -- for those who are interested in continuing with Prānayāma sittings but are finding it painful -- a good bolster pillow can make all of the difference.

Here is a link to one of my favourite pillows, but to be totally honest with you, a couch throw pillow will also do the trick for any meditation class or program.

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