A retreat is something you have to experience for yourself

Whether you attend a retreat on your own or with a group of people, the whole experience is ultimately yours alone. We come into this world, and go out of this world, on our own. Choosing to get to know ourselves on the edge of comfort is where growth is born. We hope to see you there this season!

2021 Yoga Retreats

  • Helicopter Retreat: Kundalini Awakening
    Thu., Aug. 05
    The Lodge at Panther River
    Helicopter to the top of the Rocky Mountains. Face yourself, face your beliefs about your world and embrace the darkness of the wild nights.
  • Second Aquarius Moon 2021
    Thu., Aug. 19
    Did you know that we are set for a double Aquarius full moon in 2021? As life would go, Ascend Backpacking retreats are schedule for both of these glows.
  • Kundalini Rise: Inner-Child & the Wild Woman
    Thu., Sep. 23
    The Lodge at Panther River
    Women in the wild. Remembering to breathe, remembering to be seen and see one another for exactly who and where we are.