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1:1 Kundalini Embodiment

Kriya course series. 3 modules of chakra activation & integration.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

What you can expect: 1.) A orientation meeting between you and I. We'll understand goals and figure out where we're at in our practice together. 2.) Delivery of module package (PDF - with option for printed copy at additional invoiced charge) 3.) Private classes to develop an energetic process and practice complimentary to moving through the module of self-reflection (swadhyaya). Each class will be directed based on your own energetic and life experiences you are currently moving through (kundalini begins working when we start approaching these practices, how to support and see these things is the focus). -- Option for full private classes (4 per month), option for half private classes (2 per month). Module One - Stoking the Fire Month One: Ajna / Third Eye / Intuition / Akasha Month Two: Mulhadara / Root / Safety / Earth Month Three: Svadisthana / Sacral / Feelings / Water Month Four: Manipura / Solar / Confidence / Fire Module Two - Becoming Light Month Five: Anahata / Heart / Unbeaten Love / Air Month Six: Vishuddhi / Throat / Self-Expression / Akasha Module Three - Integration Month Seven: Sahasrara / Crown / To BE / Akasha

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