Kundalini Yoga 
Women's Retreats

Yoga Retreats, Women's Gatherings, and Beginner Backpacking

Weekend retreats in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Located near Calgary, Alberta we offer Lodge weekend retreats, beginner backpacking and mountain summiting. Yoga is more of science than it is an exercise, and we offer a space that intentionally honours the lineage of enlightenment. From kundalini kriyas to yin and hatha asana, our programs will engage and train the body. You will dive deeply into self-study and reflection, honouring the path of meditation and swadhyaya. 

Powerful healing occurs when women come together in strength and courage. You will connect with strangers and leave as friends. 

It's not easy to explain what happens at a yoga retreat with Ascend Mountain Yoga, because it is deeply personal. But I just want to say that whoever you are, wherever you are coming from, the honour is mine.It is our team's honour to share space with you on your journey! 

Let's have some fun finding deeper parts of Self. The soul is always seeking to Ascend. This is why we feel the little pull and nagging feeling that something is meant to be understood.


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